Question? When an injury occurs are your officials able to respond quickly and correctly from the sideline?

Photo by: mark6mauno

Photo by: mark6mauno

During practices and competitions it is absolutely imperative coaches and athletic trainers have all the essential tools to properly assess injuries. SORRY, emergency kits and an AED on hand are only partial solutions.

For example, how do they respond to a hockey player who has just suffered a deep gash to his neck and is losing a lot of blood? Are they going to access the players protected health information (PHI) and emergency contacts from a paper form that is stored with other player forms while being escorted across the ice to the injured player?

Instead of desperately searching through paper files, the PRIVIT Sideline App is constantly available via handheld devices to provide PHI data and emergency contact information for individual players and entire teams.

The only solution for immediate access to PHI data and contacts is the PRIVIT Sideline App.

The PRIVIT Sideline App works in conjunction with your organization’s current Privit Profile account and dramatically improves communications between coaches, athletic trainers, parents, and athletes.

Coaches expect their athletes to respond quickly and correctly in game situations. The PRIVIT Sideline App now permits coaches and athletic trainers to respond quickly and correctly when players are injured.

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