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York Lions

York LionsCindy Hughes, CAT(C), dip ATM, BA
Manager, Gorman/Shore Sport Injury Clinic, Athletics and Recreation York University

“There are several reasons for why we chose Privit Profile to manage the personal health information of our athletes. One reason is because of its double encryption security and PHIPPA compliance for managing personal health information—when you are dealing with this type of information it is critical to keep it private! Another reason for selecting Privit Profile, is the solution was designed by medical professionals for medical professionals. The questions included in the application have been influenced from IOC standards for PPE and the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Monograph Fourth Edition, and then finalized by PRIVIT’s Medical Advisory Board, which includes Dr. Willem Meeuwisse, Dr. Gordon Matheson, and Dr. William Roberts.

We have been using Privit Profile for the past 6 years, and we have seen the software evolve into an easier platform for our coaches, athletes, student therapists, and medical staff to access. A key benefit we like is the ability to easily see the medical clearance status for each of our athletes.”