May 18, 2021

PRIVIT provides the New York Football Giants with its secure platform to digitize player intake information.

PRIVIT Pro’s industry leading technology will allow the New York Giants to seamlessly automate athlete health information. 

Columbus, OH – PRIVIT, the leader in athletic health information solutions, today announces it has signed an agreement with the New York Football Giants to digitally replicate their paper medical examination and privacy policy form intake process.  PRIVIT Pro will allow players to electronically complete, sign and submit their intake paperwork and forms along with any prior medical documentation.  Team officials and team medical personnel will now have a tool to automate medical exams and monitor medical conditions.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to support one of the foremost professional athletic organizations in the country,” said PRIVIT CEO Russ Goodwin. “The New York Giants’ selection of our solution speaks volumes about their commitment to increased efficiency for players, the Athletic Training Staff and Team physicians. Digitally guided data collection is proven to extract more complete information which will enhance player safety.” 

PRIVIT Pro is a cloud based paperless solution that encompasses the functionality of several established technologies to provide a customized platform – from registration and form submissions, to live signature capture for legal compliance with the power to integrate with existing health management solutions.   

Ronnie Barnes, the Giants Senior Vice President of Medical Services, said: “The New York Football Giants consider player health and safety to be our first concern, and we are pleased that Privit’s technology will make our medical processes more efficient and effective for players, the Giants Athletic Training Staff, and Giants Team Physicians.” 

About the New York Giants: The Giants are one of the storied and legendary NFL teams, approaching their 100th anniversary as a member of the NFL.  With four Super Bowl wins and multiple championships from the pre-Super Bowl era, the Giants are a leader in player health and safety, with many of its staff participating in league initiatives directed at these important goals.

About PRIVIT: PRIVIT is a health and safety technology company which pioneered comprehensive solutions for paperless management of student athlete health.  PRIVIT Profile is an athlete safety management software solution that allows schools, universities, and youth sports organizations to comply with mandatory rules and keep their sports participants safe using a user-friendly, app-based, cloud registration and storage environment.  Recently, PRIVIT Pass, a front-end data collection platform for registration for lab, diagnostic and serial testing, was launched to power and safeguard COVID testing records. 

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Evan Posocco

September 24, 2020


Columbus, OH: PRIVIT, the leader in athletic health information solutions, today announces it has partnered with the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL), one of the top junior hockey organizations in North America. BCHL member clubs will utilize PRIVIT’s medical information system to collect, process and manage player health information to ensure a responsible and successful 2020-21 season.

“As one of the premiere junior development hockey leagues in North America, we’re excited to collaborate and work closely with the BCHL on all of their player safety initiatives,” said PRIVIT CEO Russel Goodwin. “With the unique protocols put in place for this upcoming season, PRIVIT is helping provide all the necessary resources for BCHL teams to allow their players to safely return to sport. The implementation of PRIVIT across all 18 teams in the BCHL will now allow the league to standardize the way teams manage player & staff information. Existing BCHL player health and safety initiatives will be integrated and greatly enhanced via PRIVIT’s player safety management platform.”

Using PRIVIT, BCHL athletes will create a custom digital profile to complete all compliance paperwork and fill out necessary medical screening documents for their club’s athletic trainers.

“Player safety is a pillar of the BCHL and this partnership helps us further our goal of making our league as safe as possible for our players,” said BCHL Executive Director Steven Cocker. “This partnership allows us to have all our players’ medical information centralized in one place, which will help our teams’ medical staff track their data and easily transfer important information when a player is acquired by another team in the BCHL. PRIVIT is also an important part of the league’s COVID-19 return-to-play protocol, allowing the league and our teams to view daily screening information.”

PRIVIT’s solution provides transparency and ensures compliance, so that the safety concerns of athletes, parents and coaches are effectively addressed.

About the BCHL: Sending more players on to college hockey every season than any other hockey league in Canada, the BCHL has established itself as a national leader in the development of young student athletes. Considering today’s NHL features more NCAA alumni than ever before, Junior A hockey is fast rivaling Major Junior in Canada as a breeding ground for the sport’s most elite and successful players. Learn more about the BCHL

About PRIVIT: PRIVIT promotes responsible sports and helps organizations become compliant in athlete safety with a secure solution to collect, manage, and process protected health information. PRIVIT’s automated system streamlines the process for secure digital collection and storage of comprehensive athletic health information. Learn more about PRIVIT

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During practices and competitions it is absolutely imperative coaches and athletic trainers have all the essential tools to properly assess injuries. SORRY, emergency kits and an AED on hand are only partial solutions.

For example, how do they respond to a hockey player who has just suffered a deep gash to his neck and is losing a lot of blood? Are they going to access the players protected health information (PHI) and emergency contacts from a paper form that is stored with other player forms while being escorted across the ice to the injured player?

Instead of desperately searching through paper files, the PRIVIT Sideline App is constantly available via handheld devices to provide PHI data and emergency contact information for individual players and entire teams.

The only solution for immediate access to PHI data and contacts is the PRIVIT Sideline App.

The PRIVIT Sideline App works in conjunction with your organization’s current Privit Profile account and dramatically improves communications between coaches, athletic trainers, parents, and athletes.

Coaches expect their athletes to respond quickly and correctly in game situations. The PRIVIT Sideline App now permits coaches and athletic trainers to respond quickly and correctly when players are injured.

Contact PRIVIT, Inc. at or 855.977.4848.

Football ManitobaFootball Canada is taking a leadership role in making health and safety a priority for their athletes. The organization has selected PRIVIT to manage the health information of its national teams. The move streamlines the collection of protected health information (PHI) using PRIVIT’s online system.

The system allows players to store their health information securely by creating a PRIVIT profile. Players can share their profile with selected individuals such as athletic therapists, medical professionals, general managers and coaches. It can also be used as a documentation tool to help share and update health related information between selected individuals.

“The health and safety of our athletes is a top priority and PRIVIT helps improve the management of personal health information,” said Aaron Geisler, manager of development, Football Canada. “PRIVIT helps make sure that our high-performance athletes’ personal health information is secure while collected, managed and shared in a more efficient way.”

PRIVIT solutions ensure universal consistency for managing athlete health related information, help drive compliance for managing personal health information, and help reduce risks of liability caused by a process not being properly executed. Many Football Canada athletes aspire to continue playing at the highest level; the athlete’s Privit Profile® can be managed and maintained throughout their athletic career as they go on to play for various colleges and universities. Privit Profile® provides easy to use tools for managing athlete health profiles, helps athletic therapists and coaches easily view the clearance status of an athlete, and it provides athletic therapists and physicians the ability to document brief notes regarding the athlete’s status.

“PRIVIT’s flexible approach to delivering a secure and privacy compliant platform, helps non-health related organizations outsource the complexities of managing health related information and processes,” said Gregory Miller, President at PRIVIT. “Using our patented technology, we will help Football Canada simplify their entire process for everyone involved while also introducing PHI compliance across their organization.”


Football Canada a pris une initiative en plaçant la santé et la sécurité de ses athlètes en priorité et annonce avoir retenu les services de PRIVIT pour gérer les renseignements médicaux des membres de ses équipes nationales. Cette décision permettra de rationaliser la collecte de renseignements personnels sur la santé grâce au système en ligne de PRIVIT.

Ce système permet aux joueurs de conserver leurs renseignements de santé de façon sécurisée en créant un profil PRIVIT. Les joueurs peuvent partager leur profil avec des personnes désignées comme le thérapeute sportif, les professionnels de la santé, les directeurs généraux et les joueurs. Le système peut aussi être utilisé comme outil de documentation pour aider à partager et mettre à jour des renseignements liés à la santé entre des personnes choisies.

« La santé et la sécurité de nos athlètes sont une grande priorité et PRIVIT contribue à améliorer la gestion des renseignements personnels sur la santé », indique Aaron Geisler, gestionnaire du développement à Football Canada. « PRIVIT nous permet de nous assurer que les renseignements de santé de nos athlètes de haute performance sont sécurisés dans les étapes de collecte, de gestion et de partage, et ce de façon plus efficace. »

Les solutions de PRIVIT garantissent une cohérence universelle dans la gestion des renseignements de santé de l’athlète, contribuent à favoriser le respect de la conformité dans la gestion des renseignements personnels sur la santé ainsi qu’à réduire les risques de responsabilité découlant d’un processus mal exécuté. Plusieurs athlètes de Football Canada aspirant à continuer de jouer au niveau le plus élevé; le profil Privit Profile® de l’athlète peut être géré et maintenu durant tout son parcours sportif, notamment dans les rangs collégiaux et universitaires. Le profil Privit Profile® offre un outil facile à utiliser pour la gestion des profils de santé de l’athlète, et aide les thérapeutes sportifs et les entraîneurs à voir facilement le statut d’autorisation d’un athlète. Il offre aussi aux thérapeutes sportifs et aux médecins la capacité de documenter de brèves notes sur le statut de l’athlète.

« L’approche flexible de PRIVIT dans la livraison d’une plateforme sécurisée et confidentielle aide les organismes hors du secteur de la santé à sous-traiter les complexités dans la gestion des renseignements et processus de santé », affirme Gregory Miller, président de PRIVIT. « Grâce à notre technologie brevetée, nous aiderons Football Canada à simplifier tous les processus pour tous ceux impliqués tout en introduisant la conformité aux renseignements personnels sur la santé à l’échelle de l’organisation. »


About Football Canada / À propos de Football Canada:
Established in 1884, Football Canada is the national governing body of amateur football in Canada and a proud member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Working closely with the provincial football associations, we develop programs and resources for players, coaches, officials in the three disciplines of Tackle, Flag and Touch Football. Football Canada’s vision statement is “from playground to stadium” where players can participate in the game of football throughout a lifetime recreationally, competitively and internationally.

Fondé en 1884, Football Canada est l’organisme national de régie du football amateur au Canada et un fier membre de la Fédération internationale de football américain (IFAF). Travaillant de près avec les associations provinciales de football, nous élaborons des programmes et des ressources pour les joueurs, les entraîneurs, les officiels dans les trois disciplines du football avec contacts, de flag-football et de touch-football. Football Canada fait la promotion du sport du football « du terrain de jeu au stade » où les joueurs peuvent prendre part à un match tout au long de leur vie de façon récréative, en compétition et sur la scène internationale.

Training Ropes

When it comes to training and competition, athletes endure a lot of stress on their bodies mentally and physically. Athletic Therapists and team physicians need to be aware of their athletes’ clearance status to help prevent new injuries and further damage to current injuries.

In an effort to mitigate risks involved with sport participation, the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) Calgary is turning to technology to improve the collection and management process for athlete health related information. CSI Calgary selected Privit Profile®, PRIVIT’s online solution for helping sport organizations solve the universal problem of collecting and managing athlete health related information. Privit Profile® helps athletic therapists and coaches easily view the clearance status of an athlete, and it provides athletic therapists and physicians the ability to document brief notes regarding the athlete’s clearance status.

“By transitioning our process to Privit Profile’s secure online solution, we can reduce medical mistakes, reduce costs, and improve athlete care,” said Dr. Brian Benson, Director of Sport Medicine for CSI Calgary. “We need a better way to share athlete information with the medical team so that athletic therapists and physicians have all the information they need to do their job at their fingertips.”

The Privit Profile® solution provides CSI Calgary with completion tracking reports to easily identify which athletes have or have not submitted the required information for participating. Athletic Therapists are able to easily access emergency contacts and clearance status of their players within a privacy compliant environment. Parents and athletes like the ease of use and the flexibility of being able to update health profiles on a regular basis.

“Being affiliated with CSI Calgary is a true testament to what PRIVIT® has to offer the Canadian sports industry,” said Gregory Miller, President at PRIVIT. “PRIVIT will be able to help CSI Calgary improve the accuracy of collecting athlete health related information, and shorten the completion time for athletes filling out the paperwork, all in a secure and privacy compliant environment.”

Privit Profile® is the leading solution for mitigating risks involved in sports and is used by winter sport organizations throughout North America.

About CSI Calgary:

CSI CalgaryThe Canadian Sport Institute Calgary provides world class training environments in Alberta. With the support of our partners, we deliver leading sport science and medicine, coaching education and life services to help Canada’s high performance athletes achieve Olympic and Paralympic podium performances. For more information please visit

iPad e-signatureWe have improved the e-signature process to make e-signing documents even easier for your parents and students/athletes.

The initial release of e-signatures required parents to enable an e-signature with an email address for their child if they were under the age of 18.  With this release, we have made improvements to the e-signature functionality to allow parents the ability to manage an e-signature for their students/athletes without having to create a new account. To enable this feature, please contact us.

There are several areas where a parent will be able to help their student/athlete create an e-signature. Parents can access e-signatures from the manage accounts section, or they will be able to create their student’s/athlete’s e-signature after applying their own e-signature to documents. For more information, visit our Help Center here or contact support at 844.234.4357.

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Safety in youth sports is a serious issue, and the topic has resulted in new regulations and laws around the world. In an effort to mitigate risks involved with sport participation, sport organizations are turning to technology to improve processes. The Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club is proactively enhancing their current health information collection process for their hockey players by engaging PRIVIT®, a London, ON provider of online solutions for managing personal health profiles.


Monique Charbonneau, MSc RS (Candidate),BHK,CAT(C),ACSM-CEP, BC Rugby Head Therapist, Provincial Teams & Events – Medical Director


BC Rugby“As BC Rugby’s Provincial Teams & Events Medical Director utilizing the Privit Profile has created solutions for medical information and risk management within BC Rugby. The simplicity of the program for both athletes and therapists makes for an easy transition to an electronic medical record. Understanding injury trends within the sport of rugby is also very important with the health and safety of BC Rugby athletes.”



Concussion injury is a reality in the sport of rugby; however, under-reporting of concussion symptoms is a significant problem that impacts a player’s management and recovery.  BC Rugby Head Athletic Therapist, Monique Charbonneau is dedicated and committed to finding solutions to reduce the impact of concussion injury on and off the field of rugby, through education. Concussion symptom knowledge, awareness of the consequences of concussion, as well as the return to learn and sport guidelines are key to concussion management. However, understanding the barriers to concussion reporting is also very important within concussion education strategies.

Monique is spearheading the Concussion Management & Education program for BC Rugby by leveraging Privit Profile, where players, coaches, and parents register to complete an electronic medical profile. Monique initiated the inclusion of Concussion Assessment tools (baseline SCAT3 + Cognigram) and Education tools and materials (Symptoms, Return to Learn & Sport) for BC Rugby within Privit Profile.

Privit Profile serves as a communication platform for delivering concussion education. In addition, it provides a validation process to ensure the educational materials were completed. The reporting capabilities will allow Monique to confirm compliance and better monitor injury trends across rugby players.

Monique is the first person to implement a concussion Management and Education program of this magnitude for rugby, and she believes Rugby Canada and the other Provinces will be following suit in the near future.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) has announced an agreement with PRIVIT to streamline the process for the management and collection of physical health history and consent forms required for participation in high school sports. The MHSAA has designated PRIVIT’s solution, called Privit Profile, as the electronic alternative to paper forms beginning with the 2016-17 school year.

Migrating the paper process to Privit Profile will help high schools better facilitate the process of collecting personal health history information from athletes, and it will save time and costs associated with managing the paper process.

Privit Profile includes the MHSAA’s health history questionnaire and is built on PRIVIT’s patented, secure, and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant technology. The additional MHSAA forms are also included in the implementation, and provides MHSAA member schools the flexibility to further tailor Privit Profile to their process. Taking the paper-based process and transitioning it online will provide athletic trainers and coaches more time to focus on Michigan’s student-athletes.

Within Privit Profile, parents of student-athletes easily complete the medical history questionnaire, and take printed copies to the student-athlete’s physical exam. In subsequent years, parents only will have to update the information in Privit Profile, as opposed to completing all of the paper-based forms again.

“It has become necessary for increased detail in the requirements to participate in school sports,” said MHSAA Executive Director John E. “Jack” Roberts. “We desire more comprehensive health histories for students and more education of parents and students regarding the risks of participation, as well as the intangible rewards of competing in educational athletics. Streamlining for collection and storage of documents is a priority.”

Gathering more detailed Health Histories – including an upgrade of the previous pre-participation physical form – were the first focus of the ongoing MHSAA 4 H’s of Health and Safety effort taken up before the start of the 2009-10 school year (the other three H’s stand for Heads, Heat and Hearts).

The MHSAA will begin rolling out Privit Profile throughout local high school athletic departments beginning this month. Use of Privit Profile by schools is voluntary.

“As the importance of pre-screening athletes continues to sweep the nation, more and more state high school athletic associations are adopting Privit Profile to better manage student-athlete health information,” said Jeffrey Sopp, CEO of PRIVIT. “We are excited to be partnering with MHSAA and to be able to provide Privit Profile to schools and participants in Michigan for the 2016-17 school year. We’re looking forward to forward to helping MHSAA member high schools and improving a manual process for years to come.”


About MHSAA:

The MHSAA is a private, not-for-profit corporation of voluntary membership by more than 1,400 public and private senior high schools and junior high/middle schools which exists to develop common rules for athletic eligibility and competition. No government funds or tax dollars support the MHSAA, which was the first such association nationally to not accept membership dues or tournament entry fees from schools. Member schools which enforce these rules are permitted to participate in MHSAA tournaments, which attract more than 1.4 million spectators each year.

York LionsCindy Hughes, CAT(C), dip ATM, BA
Manager, Gorman/Shore Sport Injury Clinic, Athletics and Recreation York University

“There are several reasons for why we chose Privit Profile to manage the personal health information of our athletes. One reason is because of its double encryption security and PHIPPA compliance for managing personal health information—when you are dealing with this type of information it is critical to keep it private! Another reason for selecting Privit Profile, is the solution was designed by medical professionals for medical professionals. The questions included in the application have been influenced from IOC standards for PPE and the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Monograph Fourth Edition, and then finalized by PRIVIT’s Medical Advisory Board, which includes Dr. Willem Meeuwisse, Dr. Gordon Matheson, and Dr. William Roberts.

We have been using Privit Profile for the past 6 years, and we have seen the software evolve into an easier platform for our coaches, athletes, student therapists, and medical staff to access. A key benefit we like is the ability to easily see the medical clearance status for each of our athletes.”

Ohio AAA Blue Jackets“It was effortless!”
Shelley Nsennis, Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Goalie Mom





Sally Johnson, Executive Director for NCYS shares her opinion on Privit ProfileTM being a secure and reliable solution for collecting personal health history information, which helps identify symptoms of health problems that may pose a risk for an individual participating in athletic or exercise programs.