Implementing a Concussion Management & Education Program with Privit Profile


Monique Charbonneau, MSc RS (Candidate),BHK,CAT(C),ACSM-CEP, BC Rugby Head Therapist, Provincial Teams & Events – Medical Director


BC Rugby“As BC Rugby’s Provincial Teams & Events Medical Director utilizing the Privit Profile has created solutions for medical information and risk management within BC Rugby. The simplicity of the program for both athletes and therapists makes for an easy transition to an electronic medical record. Understanding injury trends within the sport of rugby is also very important with the health and safety of BC Rugby athletes.”



Concussion injury is a reality in the sport of rugby; however, under-reporting of concussion symptoms is a significant problem that impacts a player’s management and recovery.  BC Rugby Head Athletic Therapist, Monique Charbonneau is dedicated and committed to finding solutions to reduce the impact of concussion injury on and off the field of rugby, through education. Concussion symptom knowledge, awareness of the consequences of concussion, as well as the return to learn and sport guidelines are key to concussion management. However, understanding the barriers to concussion reporting is also very important within concussion education strategies.

Monique is spearheading the Concussion Management & Education program for BC Rugby by leveraging Privit Profile, where players, coaches, and parents register to complete an electronic medical profile. Monique initiated the inclusion of Concussion Assessment tools (baseline SCAT3 + Cognigram) and Education tools and materials (Symptoms, Return to Learn & Sport) for BC Rugby within Privit Profile.

Privit Profile serves as a communication platform for delivering concussion education. In addition, it provides a validation process to ensure the educational materials were completed. The reporting capabilities will allow Monique to confirm compliance and better monitor injury trends across rugby players.

Monique is the first person to implement a concussion Management and Education program of this magnitude for rugby, and she believes Rugby Canada and the other Provinces will be following suit in the near future.