From the company that brought you the leading solution for managing personal and health information, now brings you two iOS apps to enhance the user experience.

Privit Profile AppPRIVIT Sideline

Health Information When You Need It

PRIVIT® has developed a cloud-based platform to help individuals, organizations, and companies in the collection, transmission, and storage of health related information. The Privit Platform includes a comprehensive and secure user authorization system, a health questionnaire management system, a health-related document management system, comprehensive reporting, alerts, and notifications. This platform is the foundation for the PRIVIT® solutions: Privit Profile™, Family Health Profile, Student Health Profile, and Employee Health Profile. These solutions are designed to help identify symptoms of health problems, thus improving the quality and safety of health care by empowering individuals to have a greater understanding and involvement in their family’s medical information. We are dedicated to providing easy to use tools for managing personal health profiles, and our online health profile solutions ensure confidentiality in the collection and distribution of your personal health information.

Take Charge of Your Health

Medical history that follows you