Other solutions do not address the challenges faced by institutions.

Is PRIVIT a registration and enrollment system or an EMR/EHR solution? No.

PRIVIT is designed specifically to automate the intake process, manage requirements and create a custom workflow to gather information and data to replace any paper process.

Registration and Enrollment Software

EMR and EHR Solutions

Intake Portals

Form configuration and setup

Flexible signature workflows

Sign in on any device

Feature and functionality updates

Product flexibility

Participant safety management is a new type of solution that envelops the functionalities of established technologies to provide a comprehensive solution for managing student-athlete safety – from registration and form submissions to mobile participation management and reporting – with no paper involved

  • Digitizing a formal requirement
  • Niche – specialized in various industries – built for the user
  • Completely paperless – eliminates the hassle of paper forms
  • Mobile data access and communication – on the sideline or in the field
  • Data safety, storage, and reporting
  • Integration capabilities – integrates with your EMR, Injury Management platform, etc.

Institutions can replace the current paper solution with one, user-friendly digital solution – or integrate with existing EMR and other technologies.