PRIVIT is led by a diverse and experienced set of globally-focused executives dedicated to improving the quality of your personal health history through its PRIVIT® Products that standardize the way you share your personal health information.

Leadership Team

Chris Goodwin is the Founding Partner, CEO, and Chairman of PRIVIT, Inc., a patented technology solution to help organizations become compliant when collecting, managing, and processing protected health information (PHI). Mr. Goodwin brings over 45 years of business experience with corporations involved in real estate development, metal extrusion, banking, software, manufacturing, and the golf industry. Mr. Goodwin has led several start-up ventures with the success of growing and selling these businesses.

Before devoting his efforts to PRIVIT, Inc., Mr. Goodwin oversaw the development and management requirements of Childrens Choice Learning Centers (CCLC), Dallas. CCLC was the largest provider of corporate sponsored childcare in the United States. In 2012, Mr. Goodwin arranged the sale of CCLC to Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Boston.

Mr. Goodwin also enjoys all things involving Natural Science with a specific focus on ornithology. Mr. Goodwin provides charitable support to ornithology departments at Cornell University, St. Andrews University, and various world nature associations.

Greg brings 35 years of experience in successfully growing technology companies from startups to publicly held companies, and ultimately to successful exits for the investment groups. Mr. Miller has an extensive background in early stage application software companies including co-founding the first company to introduce manufacturing software (ERP) on a microcomputer that went public in 1991. In addition to the ERP experience, Greg has led multiple successful application software companies in the CRM and Construction industries to successful liquidity events. Greg is responsible for leading all the operations of the company.

Michael Eldredge is responsible for managing the team’s application software development and the technology infrastructure throughout the organization. Over the past 20 years Mike has led numerous startups in the software as a service industry to achieve success. Mike’s extensive background in all phases of IT (development, systems infrastructure, compliance, and management) provides him with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage this critical aspect of the company.

Kristin Fornal is responsible for the company’s strategic marketing efforts and maintaining media relations. She works closely with all the departments throughout the organization and executes on programs that will bring the company closer to its business goals and objectives. Kristin brings passion to the marketing function as well as a decade and a half of marketing expertise to her role. A highly effective communicator, she helps clients and potential clients understand the value of PRIVIT and PRIVIT’s products.

Russell Goodwin is responsible for managing the teams accountable for creating client accounts and providing client and sales support, as well as office management for the Canadian Operations. Russ has 5 years of experience in similar environments and very involved in overseeing the planning, communication, and training involved with all Canadian implementations.

Carmen Griffin is responsible for managing the teams accountable for creating client accounts, providing client support, human resources, and office management for the US Operations. She has roughly 20 years of experience fostering relationships with Fortune 500 companies and helping them get the information they need to be successful. In addition, she brings almost a decade of experience in the software industry, overseeing the planning, communication, and training involved with implementation.

Advisory Board

  • James P. Covert President and Chief Executive Officer, Institute For Transfusion Medicine (ITxM)
  • Matt Gerken, Head Athletic Trainer at the University of Southern Maine
  • Archie Griffin, The Ohio State University’s senior vice president for alumni relations and president/CEO of the Alumni Association
  • Gordon O. Matheson, M.D., PhD, Professor of Sports Medicine (School of Medicine) and Human Biology (School of Humanities and Sciences), Director of Sports Medicine and Head Team Physician (Department of Athletics) at Stanford University
  • Willem (Winne) H. Meeuwisse, M.D., PhD, Professor and physician at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre in the Faculty of Kinesiology and a member of UofC’s Hotchkiss Brain
  • Claude T. Moorman, III, M.D., Professor and Vice Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery, Director of the Duke Sports Medicine Center, Head Team Physician for Duke University, Professor Evolutionary Anthropology
  • David Nash, Senior Partner
  • William Roberts, M.D., MS, FACSM, Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School and Program Director at University of Minnesota St. Johns Family Medicine Residency in St. Paul, MN
  • Theodore F. Schlegel, M.D.
  • Ken Schnacke, President and General Manager of the Columbus Clippers
  • Randall Wroble, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon, Chair of the Joint Advisory Committee on Sports Medicine for Ohio High School Athletic Association


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Board of Directors

Chris brings over 45 years of business experience in real estate development, hospitality, banking, manufacturing, software and the golf industry. He is PRIVIT’s largest shareholder and serves as Chairman of the Board.

Trevor is a very successful Columbus based businessman with wide ranging experience in business-to-business and business-to-customer solutions. His past experience includes involvement in the introduction of the Apple iPhone and Bounce Fabric Softener.

Rick is a serial entrepreneur with a long and successful involvement in U.S. healthcare. In his current role with Intralign Rick is targeting a key problem area in healthcare, the use of newly designed resources to improve joint replacements.

Bob is the Medical Director of the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic at Western University. He is an original shareholder in PRIVIT and active in several professional societies including the American Shoulder and Elbow society, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the Herodicus Society, the Arthroscopy Association of North America and the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine.

Greg brings 35 years of experience in successfully growing technology companies from startups to successful liquidity event for the investment groups. He has successfully founded and led software companies in the ERP, CRM, and Construction industries. Greg is currently the President of PRIVIT.