Developed in conjunction with leading medical professionals at top institutions in North America, PRIVIT has evolved as the preeminent solution for digitizing paper-based intake. Built with patented encryption to protect user data, PRIVIT at the core is a tool to increase efficiency and accuracy with the flexibility to mimic any existing intake process. Evolve your process with PRIVIT.


PRIVIT Profile

Helps organizations become compliant with a secure solution to collect, manage, and process protected health information. Compliant with international privacy laws, we are dedicated to helping organizations and individuals solve the universal problem of managing health-related information. Our reach is global and our cloud-based solution is transforming how people are managing and sharing protected health information.



Our industry-agnostic custom platform that collects registration information, streamlines logistics and automatically communicates results increases accuracy and efficiency. PRIVIT Pass connects directly to the lab LIS system to send requisitions electronically and provides completion reports, results badges, and documentation to administrators, physicians, and patients.  Faster testing for patients, ease of use for providers, increased throughput for labs, and decreased billing errors make PRIVIT Pass an easy choice for testing automation.



Our HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant, secure, no-hassle solution for collecting, storing, and managing athlete health information at a pro sports level. Patented technology to securely manage & collect medical histories and forms with a custom workflow for your players in an easy-to-use interface. Customized to mimic your existing paper process with custom outputs that can include actual signatures and replicate documents in familiar formats.


PRIVIT Placement

Helps institutions track and manage external placement programs for medical, educational, and job skills placements related to practical work experience and internships.  PRIVIT is a central portal for participants, coordinators, and administrators to upload documents, complete intake forms, and understand prerequisites for various programs with differing requirements.


Mobile Applications

PRIVIT Mobile applications give staff and participants access to their portals and profiles with easy-to-use interfaces and additional features. The PRIVIT Sideline App is for staff and administrators. The PRIVIT Profile App is for participants in youth leagues and K-12 schools. Both are available for iOS and Android.