Looking for a better way to collect your health information?

Configurable Solutions

Configurable SolutionsIf you collect or manage health information for sports, schools, or employees the PRIVIT® solutions can help you automate your process. PRIVIT® solutions are built on patented technology for security and privacy. Meaning your information is protected from the point you enter it, through the transfer process, and while it is at rest at our highly secure data centers. If you want a better way to collect and manage health information from one secure location, PRIVIT® can help you with:

  • Version control, we help you automatically distribute and notify your groups, so they have the most current version of your forms to complete.
  • Completion Status, as an administrator, you are able to review which individuals have completed the required information and easily notify the ones who haven’t completed the information.
  • Accessibility, once the information is complete, authorized personnel are able to access emergency health information, of their athletes, students, or employees, right from their mobile devices.

When it comes to setting up your PRIVIT® solution, you work with our Professional Services Department to discuss your configuration. We have a library of question sets you can select from, or we can take your current paper forms and convert them to smart forms. This flexibility allows you to create an easy process for your groups while making the collection process easier for you.