PRIVIT Pro is PRIVIT's professional grade HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant, secure, no-hassle solution for collecting, storing and managing athlete health information at a professional sports level.


Patented technology to securely manage & collect medical histories and forms with custom workflow for your players in an easy to use interface.

Customized to mimic your existing paper process with custom outputs that can include actual signatures and replicate documents in familiar formats for legal and medical staff.

Mobile responsive on any smartphone or tablet browser means no app needed. Players can access from any connected device to update & submit their medical information digitally.

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Studies prove that guided data collection extracts more complete information and will give your organization better insight into potential and your incoming player medical history, helping you make the best personnel decisions possible.

Add live links to your organization for required tasks like concussion education, life skills courses and more.

Live signature capture directly from the device screen eliminates the need for bulky paperwork with a touch screen or stylus.

Sport organizations know the difficulties associated with athlete registration, pre-participation paperwork, waivers, and dealing with medical information and incidents. Staff members and medical personnel spend countless hours making sure information is current, properly distributed, and available to the correct people throughout the organization prior to engaging in any sporting event or activity.

Your staff are expected to administer these existing sport participation processes, while dealing with the complexities of protecting personal identifiable information and health backgrounds of athletes. Unfortunately, often times the information collected is not managed as securely as it should be.

Eliminate the uncertainty and drive compliance across your organization when it comes to managing athlete information. PRIVIT Pro provides easy to use tools for managing athlete health profiles, and ensures confidentiality in the collection and distribution of all your athletes’ information. Regardless of your sport, PRIVIT Pro provides compliancy throughout your organizational hierarchy while making it easy and convenient for staff, athletes, members, parents, and athletic trainers to do their jobs.

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