PRIVIT Pass and Omni Pathology Partnership Enables Faster Reporting of COVD-19 Test Results

Earlier this year, PRIVIT was excited to introduce you to PRIVIT Pass. PRIVIT Pass is our front-end data collection platform for the registration of lab, diagnostic, and serial testing. In February, sports organizations and schools alike were looking for a way to register, document, and track COVID-19 test results for their athletes and students. Insert PRIVIT Pass. This platform was designed to work with your institution to help you develop an affordable end-to-end COVID-19 testing program. Since then, we have helped conduct more than 20,000 tests across the United States and have helped professional programs like the Women’s National Football Conference safely return to play by becoming the official COVID—19 testing documentation and communication platform for their 2021 season.

A lot has changed since the spring of this year, but the coronavirus continues to be a serious threat nationwide. As students are returning to campus in large numbers for the first time since the onset of the pandemic, institutions are rightfully looking for a way to best protect the health and safety of their student population.  With different regulations and mandates state to state and even county to county this is quite challenging for administrators at all levels.  Complicated by the fact that many athletic departments have teams that play out of their home county, state, and across the country, this documentation can be a daunting project.

We are excited to announce that PRIVIT Pass has partnered with Omni Pathology, an independent, physician-owned and operated pathology lab, to enable faster reporting of COVID-19 test results for students, athletes, parents and faculty. Through this partnership, we can continue to deliver on our promise of providing institutions with a HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant platform to order, execute, and track coronavirus test results all on a paperless mobile platform.

In addition, now faced with vaccine mandates in place that require documentation for staff, administrators and in some cases students; PRIVIT Pass has also added the ability for administrators to manage that tracking and verification as well.

PRIVIT Pass simplifies data gathering for COVID-19 testing by providing a one-time test registration process. An online registration system allows students, staff, or personnel to sign up for COVID-19 testing via PRIVIT. The online sign-up includes live signature capture for consents, waivers, and medical information as part of HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance. Using self-registration ensures that the information is complete and accurate.

Once the customer is registered, a simple scanning process sends the information to the lab as a requisition test order to streamline the data entry process creating a more efficient workflow and exponentially increasing turnaround time.  The notification system within PRIVIT Pass also provides direct communication of test results when posted and can provide an immediate alert to administrators of a positive test result, saving more valuable time for the lab providers.

Each PRIVIT Pass profile is tied to a unique QR code to identify the participant and allows them to access a badge along with the official lab order as proof of test results that can easily be printed or displayed on their mobile device.

Why PRIVIT Pass?

Our customizable platform will give you the ability to collect the information you need to ensure that your program is as effective as possible, and allow for easy reporting to county, state, and federal health departments as required by law.

Let us help you design and implement the most efficient, cost-effective, and medically sound program to get your athletes and staff back to practice and competition safely!

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