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LONDON, Ontario – PRIVIT, Inc is proud to announce an enhanced version of PRIVIT Pass, explicitly designed to assist laboratories, providers, and medical billing companies in automating and simplifying the lab requisition process.

Integrated securely with various lab information systems, PRIVIT Pass allows providers to submit lab requisitions in seconds from a simple mobile interface. The integrated direct lookup of ICD-10 codes from the National Library of Medicine (Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications made available by the National Institute of Health) ensures that providers can accurately provide diagnosis and billing codes upon order submission.

“Accurate and complete requisitions are the largest barrier to efficiency in the laboratory space. Using PRIVIT Pass ensures paperless requisitions are submitted efficiently with all the key information needed to speed up the resulting and payment process.”, said Russell Goodwin, CEO at PRIVIT. “PRIVIT Pass reduces the hours spent researching declined payments from third-party payers, ensures accurate diagnosis codes, and speeds the accession process significantly.”

With PRIVIT Pass, lab requisitions are submitted directly by the provider to the LIMS system from the PRIVIT Pass interface, eliminating costly and time-consuming data entry, ensuring complete requisitions, and increasing accuracy; thus, streamlining the entire process.

“PRIVIT and Triple Helix partnered to develop the new PRIVIT Pass after seeing the gaps between providers sending incomplete requisitions and the ability to successfully bill. The gaps from having incomplete requisitions created cash flow issues for us because we could not bill a high percentage of requisitions coming in”, said Jarret Zerbe, Owner of Triple Helix. “As a result of going live with PRIVIT Pass, Triple Helix clean claim billing is near 100%. It has significantly improved operations in all facets of the business; from accessioning and resulting to billing.”

PRIVIT, Inc is based in London, ON, and provides secure, HIPAA-compliant management systems to streamline and digitize data collection of private information. PRIVIT Pass was developed in 2020 to assist colleges, school districts, and organizations with large volume COVID testing during the pandemic. The enhancements to PRIVIT Pass now encompass all types of diagnostic testing, including PCR, toxicology, and blood testing.

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