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COLUMBUS, OH – In response to requests from athletic trainers and therapists across North America, PRIVIT has integrated a new Injury Tracking module to allow sports medicine teams to create a customized injury management and documentation system. 

Because traditional EMR systems designed primarily for the clinical and hospital space are not optimized to meet the needs of sports medicine departments and athletic trainers and therapists, PRIVIT has eliminated the extras and designed tools to simplify and streamline injury documentation. 

“Working with PRIVIT to design our Injury Tracking module has allowed us to create an EHR that is customizable to our needs,” said Andrew Gibson, Director of Athletic Training, Rhodes College. PRIVIT has eliminated clicks and steps, created custom drop downs by sport; which minimizes time documenting and creating a 1-page injury report.   Injury documentation is an essential part of being an athletic trainer, but it has traditionally been a time-consuming chore that is difficult to manage with existing platforms that we have used.  We are excited about partnering with PRIVIT to streamline this process and get time back to spend focused on our student-athletes.”

Tied directly to PRIVIT’s digital intake portal for medical histories, forms, consents, and online exam forms, PRIVIT Injury Tracking allows each sports medicine team to create custom templates, reports, and charts based on their specific needs and workflow. PRIVIT’s encryption technology and role-based user permissions allow sports medicine professionals to easily document, track, and securely share injury documentation on any device with internet access via their webbased online PRIVIT portal.   

“After listening to the market, we are pleased to design and build the Injury Tracking module to directly address the issues with traditional EMR systems that have been around for years,” said Russell Goodwin, CEO, PRIVIT, Inc. “PRIVIT recognizes that athletic trainers and therapists are the key component to keeping student-athletes healthy and successful, so our goal is to give them the right tools to assist them in their mission.”

About PRIVIT: PRIVIT’s athlete information platform has pioneered comprehensive solutions for the paperless management of athlete health. PRIVIT offers a suite of tools that allows athletic departments, sports organizations, and healthcare groups to comply with mandatory rules and keep their athletes healthy. The addition of PRIVIT Injury Tracking now provides sports medicine staff with streamlined, custom tools for injury management tied directly to their digital intake and forms management tools.