September 24, 2020


Columbus, OH: PRIVIT, the leader in athletic health information solutions, today announces it has partnered with the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL), one of the top junior hockey organizations in North America. BCHL member clubs will utilize PRIVIT’s medical information system to collect, process and manage player health information to ensure a responsible and successful 2020-21 season.

“As one of the premiere junior development hockey leagues in North America, we’re excited to collaborate and work closely with the BCHL on all of their player safety initiatives,” said PRIVIT CEO Russel Goodwin. “With the unique protocols put in place for this upcoming season, PRIVIT is helping provide all the necessary resources for BCHL teams to allow their players to safely return to sport. The implementation of PRIVIT across all 18 teams in the BCHL will now allow the league to standardize the way teams manage player & staff information. Existing BCHL player health and safety initiatives will be integrated and greatly enhanced via PRIVIT’s player safety management platform.”

Using PRIVIT, BCHL athletes will create a custom digital profile to complete all compliance paperwork and fill out necessary medical screening documents for their club’s athletic trainers.

“Player safety is a pillar of the BCHL and this partnership helps us further our goal of making our league as safe as possible for our players,” said BCHL Executive Director Steven Cocker. “This partnership allows us to have all our players’ medical information centralized in one place, which will help our teams’ medical staff track their data and easily transfer important information when a player is acquired by another team in the BCHL. PRIVIT is also an important part of the league’s COVID-19 return-to-play protocol, allowing the league and our teams to view daily screening information.”

PRIVIT’s solution provides transparency and ensures compliance, so that the safety concerns of athletes, parents and coaches are effectively addressed.

About the BCHL: Sending more players on to college hockey every season than any other hockey league in Canada, the BCHL has established itself as a national leader in the development of young student athletes. Considering today’s NHL features more NCAA alumni than ever before, Junior A hockey is fast rivaling Major Junior in Canada as a breeding ground for the sport’s most elite and successful players. Learn more about the BCHL

About PRIVIT: PRIVIT promotes responsible sports and helps organizations become compliant in athlete safety with a secure solution to collect, manage, and process protected health information. PRIVIT’s automated system streamlines the process for secure digital collection and storage of comprehensive athletic health information. Learn more about PRIVIT

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 Contact: Evan Posocco

Presagia and PRIVIT Partner

Presagia Sports and PRIVIT are proud to announce a new strategic partnership to combine their expertise in athlete health management to provide better solutions to the sports medicine world. Presagia Sports is the leader in Athlete Electronic Health Management Software and PRIVIT is the leading provider for online Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) and Health History Registration Systems. Together, they will integrate their systems to give customers a fully automated and secure process to collect and manage the full spectrum of athlete health data.

A key element of an athlete’s health profile is their health history collected as part of the pre-participation evaluation process, which gives athletic trainers and other sports medicine professionals an initial picture of the athlete’s health. To date, this data has been collected in one system and then manually transcribed into Athlete Electronic Health Records (EHRs). PRIVIT and Presagia have integrated their systems to streamline the flow of this critical data.

PRIVIT’s PPE system automates and simplifies the process of collecting, managing and protecting pre-participation and registration health information. Data collected through PRIVIT will then be automatically uploaded into the Presagia Sports EHR, creating comprehensive health profiles for each athlete. Now, athletic trainers and other sport medicine professionals will have an athlete’s injury and health information, as well as their clearance status, all at their fingertips.

“PRIVIT and Presagia Sports share similar values of providing our clients with the means to accurately collect complete health data about their athletes,” stated Mitchell Slutsken, Director of Presagia Sports. “We’re very excited about how this partnership will enable us to deliver a more efficient and comprehensive health management solution to our clients.”

Both systems are built on technology that ensures all health information is protected and organizations stay compliant. The integration between Presagia Sports and PRIVIT will help organizations with the difficulties associated with protecting personal health information (PHI). Using a powerful software like Presagia Sports centralizes PHI data in one location, and makes it only accessible by authorized personnel. This allows athletic trainers to spend less time dealing with paperwork, and more time caring for their athletes. In addition, it helps organizations use athlete health data to gain actionable insights into trends and develop strategies to improve the wellbeing of their athletes.

“The combination of PRIVIT and Presagia empowers our customers to be more efficient and effective in this entire process,” said Gregory Miller, President of PRIVIT. “We believe this partnership provides sports organizations with a best in class athlete health management solution.”


About Presagia Sports

Presagia Sports is a secure web-based and mobile-accessible multi-sport Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) with a built-in concussion assessment system, that athlete health professionals can rely on to centralize and manage data, including injury assessments, medications, treatments and more. It also provides real-time reporting and communication tools to connect the medical team in support of collaborative healthcare.

Configurable SolutionsIf you collect or manage health information for sports, schools, or employees the PRIVIT® solutions can help you automate your process. PRIVIT® solutions are built on patented technology for security and privacy. Meaning your information is protected from the point you enter it, through the transfer process, and while it is at rest at our highly secure data centers. If you want a better way to collect and manage health information from one secure location, PRIVIT® can help you with:

  • Version control, we help you automatically distribute and notify your groups, so they have the most current version of your forms to complete.
  • Completion Status, as an administrator, you are able to review which individuals have completed the required information and easily notify the ones who haven’t completed the information.
  • Accessibility, once the information is complete, authorized personnel are able to access emergency health information, of their athletes, students, or employees, right from their mobile devices.

When it comes to setting up your PRIVIT® solution, you work with our Professional Services Department to discuss your configuration. We have a library of question sets you can select from, or we can take your current paper forms and convert them to smart forms. This flexibility allows you to create an easy process for your groups while making the collection process easier for you.


With the start of the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, it’s important to realize that participation in team and solo sports presents a risk of injury to your child.

Gaining knowledge about the most common sports injuries helps in preparing for emergency situations. Here are three injuries to keep in mind.

Despite the use of protective gear, impacts to the head area can cause a serious concussion to develop. It is important for your student to see a doctor after each injury to the head or neck. At the appointment, the doctor will review your child’s health history forms and perform a thorough evaluation of the injuries to create an appropriate treatment plan.

Dislocation of the joint can occur when your student suffers a sprain to the ankle, knees, wrists, elbows or shoulders. The dislocated joint may quickly pop back into place or require manipulation by an orthopedic surgeon. Until the joint returns to its natural position, your child’s pain levels will remain quite high. Athletic trainers and emergency physicians must quickly evaluate the injury and take your child’s medical history into account to determine the best course of action.

Fractures may occur from collisions between players or just after stepping wrong on the field. A fractured bone requires medical attention to return to its natural position and stay in place while healing. A thorough review of your child’s medical history gives the surgeons, anesthesiologists, and emergency physicians the information they need to proceed with treatment.

Whether your child plays in school or club sports, you may complete a secure health profile for your athlete and share emergency health information and/or medical health history information with the professionals attending to your injured athlete. Athletic programs throughout the US and Canada are using Privit Profile to have their athlete health information readily available, and improving their process for collecting and managing athlete health information.

Emergencies are never planned. Be prepared and have health information at your fingertips when you need it.