September 24, 2020


Columbus, OH: PRIVIT, the leader in athletic health information solutions, today announces it has partnered with the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL), one of the top junior hockey organizations in North America. BCHL member clubs will utilize PRIVIT’s medical information system to collect, process and manage player health information to ensure a responsible and successful 2020-21 season.

“As one of the premiere junior development hockey leagues in North America, we’re excited to collaborate and work closely with the BCHL on all of their player safety initiatives,” said PRIVIT CEO Russel Goodwin. “With the unique protocols put in place for this upcoming season, PRIVIT is helping provide all the necessary resources for BCHL teams to allow their players to safely return to sport. The implementation of PRIVIT across all 18 teams in the BCHL will now allow the league to standardize the way teams manage player & staff information. Existing BCHL player health and safety initiatives will be integrated and greatly enhanced via PRIVIT’s player safety management platform.”

Using PRIVIT, BCHL athletes will create a custom digital profile to complete all compliance paperwork and fill out necessary medical screening documents for their club’s athletic trainers.

“Player safety is a pillar of the BCHL and this partnership helps us further our goal of making our league as safe as possible for our players,” said BCHL Executive Director Steven Cocker. “This partnership allows us to have all our players’ medical information centralized in one place, which will help our teams’ medical staff track their data and easily transfer important information when a player is acquired by another team in the BCHL. PRIVIT is also an important part of the league’s COVID-19 return-to-play protocol, allowing the league and our teams to view daily screening information.”

PRIVIT’s solution provides transparency and ensures compliance, so that the safety concerns of athletes, parents and coaches are effectively addressed.

About the BCHL: Sending more players on to college hockey every season than any other hockey league in Canada, the BCHL has established itself as a national leader in the development of young student athletes. Considering today’s NHL features more NCAA alumni than ever before, Junior A hockey is fast rivaling Major Junior in Canada as a breeding ground for the sport’s most elite and successful players. Learn more about the BCHL

About PRIVIT: PRIVIT promotes responsible sports and helps organizations become compliant in athlete safety with a secure solution to collect, manage, and process protected health information. PRIVIT’s automated system streamlines the process for secure digital collection and storage of comprehensive athletic health information. Learn more about PRIVIT

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 Contact: Evan Posocco

PRIVIT® introduces new functionality, fixes, and corrections with its latest release in April 2014.

A New Look for Privit Profile™!


Rebranding the Login and Registration Page

We are delighted to announce we have completed the finishing touches on the new Privit Profile™ (formerly Privit e-PPE®) login/registration page! Not only have we freshened up our brand appeal, but behind the scenes we have made our already great security infrastructure even better.








Improved Login Process:

The CAPTCHA feature has been removed, making the login process much faster for users. Instead, cutting edge technology has been put into place to ensure security of your password information.

The protection of our young users who access the internet is of great importance to us. To add an additional layer of protection, we now require users to add a birthday during the registration process. Users younger than 13 will be required to verify parental consent before using the Privit Profile™.

Improved Login Process

Improved Login Process


New Registration Process for First Time Users










Enhanced Welcome Message Feature:

Our MVP administrators will be excited to know that they can now embed media in the custom welcome message. Whether it contains a motivational coach speech or the latest and greatest game highlights, the choice is yours!

Help Center:

Help Center

Help Center

The Help Center has also been significantly improved. Accessible right from the Privit Profile™ application, the Help Center provides: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), step by step How To Guides, and Video Tutorials. If you still need help, simply submit a request from within the Help Center and a friendly support team member will be happy to assist you!

This month, our goal was to provide security upgrades, enhance our brand, and make the website more convenient for our users!



PRIVIT® introduces new functionality, fixes, and corrections with its latest release in January 2014.

Profile Pictures:
Upload Profile PictureYou now have the ability to upload a photo to your profile!
Easily upload a jpg, png, gif, or bmp file profile picture, and if necessary, crop the image, then save it to your profile. At any time you are able to update your photo from the “Home” screen under “Manage Your Account” by clicking the “Change Profile Picture” button.
Your profile picture will appear on team rosters. This will assist authorized coaches, athletic trainers, and administrators the ability to differentiate students with the same name and recognize new team members.

Upload Documents:
UploadDocsYou now have the ability to upload PDF documents associated with your profile. You can access the document upload feature from the “Home” screen under “Personal Options” by clicking the “Manage Your Documents” button. Each user has the ability to upload a maximum of 10 documents with each document having a 1MB size limit.
In addition, coaches, athletic trainers, and administrators who have system permissions will have the ability to upload documents on behalf of users associated with their organization.

Additional Updates:
• Home: use the “HOME” link to navigate back to your home screen
• Increased font size in the footer to more easily locate Help and Support
• French Canadian translation