PRIVIT® Release Notes April 2014

PRIVIT® introduces new functionality, fixes, and corrections with its latest release in April 2014.

A New Look for Privit Profile™!


Rebranding the Login and Registration Page

We are delighted to announce we have completed the finishing touches on the new Privit Profile™ (formerly Privit e-PPE®) login/registration page! Not only have we freshened up our brand appeal, but behind the scenes we have made our already great security infrastructure even better.








Improved Login Process:

The CAPTCHA feature has been removed, making the login process much faster for users. Instead, cutting edge technology has been put into place to ensure security of your password information.

The protection of our young users who access the internet is of great importance to us. To add an additional layer of protection, we now require users to add a birthday during the registration process. Users younger than 13 will be required to verify parental consent before using the Privit Profile™.

Improved Login Process

Improved Login Process


New Registration Process for First Time Users










Enhanced Welcome Message Feature:

Our MVP administrators will be excited to know that they can now embed media in the custom welcome message. Whether it contains a motivational coach speech or the latest and greatest game highlights, the choice is yours!

Help Center:

Help Center

Help Center

The Help Center has also been significantly improved. Accessible right from the Privit Profile™ application, the Help Center provides: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), step by step How To Guides, and Video Tutorials. If you still need help, simply submit a request from within the Help Center and a friendly support team member will be happy to assist you!

This month, our goal was to provide security upgrades, enhance our brand, and make the website more convenient for our users!