PRIVIT Pass Information Webinar: John Rosich Talks COVID-19 Testing Programs

Recorded Wednesday 10/28 | 4:00pm ET
An informational webinar to talk about the latest in COVID -19 Testing technology, challenges, best practices and how to build a program that maximizes risk mitigation and identification of infection. Different testing modalities give you specific information and it's important to know what is out there and what is coming - so you can be aware of better testing at lower cost and be ready for adaptation to your plan.

PRIVIT Pass is the national registry and results reporting platform for the testing services we work with and our expert will also discuss the importance of testing in context, getting fast results and making sure you are gathering the information you need to continue to make the best medical decisions balanced with the best financial decisions for your organization.

John Rosich has been in the medical field for over 30 years. Currently John works with US Med Test, Affirmative Solutions and BRAVO Metabolic International. Affirmative Solutions Is a SDVOSB that has been serving the Federal Market space since 2008. Prior to his work at Affirmative Solutions, John collaborated with several start up medical device companies bringing them to an IPO or acquisition. Prior to his work in the medical device field, John worked in the pharmaceutical industry managing people and projects including managing the southeast for Johnson and Johnson. He is as comfortable leading a spinal deformity surgery as he is speaking to the financial and medical impact the current pandemic has had on the US and our allies. John remains dedicated to serving the military medical community and accelerating products, projects and solutions that help those who serve.

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