Introducing PRIVIT Pass

A Front-End Data Collection Platform For The Registration Of Lab, Diagnostic, And Serial Testing.

The PRIVIT team is excited to introduce you to PRIVIT Pass, a front-end data collection platform for the registration of lab, diagnostic, and serial testing.

Along with our partners, we can work with you to develop an affordable end to end program to assist your department with COVID-19 testing.  Our experts have over 30 years in the medical field and every program is reviewed and advised by a team of physicians and epidemiology experts.

The Details

PRIVIT Pass partners with volume COVID testing providers and HC CLIA labs all over the country to provide a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program for your organization. Our partners supply the highest quality tests (PCR, Antibody, and Antigen) that are vetted for accuracy and can also provide onsite collection services to augment your own staff.

PRIVIT Pass makes your testing program more efficient, eliminates paper, and helps your organization keep appropriate social distancing guidelines at your testing location.  PRIVIT Pass minimizes data entry for your organization as our platform focuses on easy self-registration for your athletes and links up with the lab for fast, accurate results reporting.

Why PRIVIT Pass?

Our customizable platform will give you the ability to collect the information you need to ensure that your program is as effective as possible, and allow for easy reporting to county, state, and federal health departments as required by law.

Let us help you design and implement the most efficient, cost-effective, and medically sound program to get your athletes and staff back to practice and competition safely!

For more information contact:

Jodi Murphy – VP of Sales
O: 1-855-977-4848 ext 216
D: 614-767-5998