Fanshawe College Athletics Announces Comprehensive Health Assessment Program for all Student-Athletes

First College in CCAA to Implement Privit Profile™ (formerly Privit e-PPE)

London, Ontario – Nathan McFadden, Manager of Athletics at Fanshawe College, announced today that Fanshawe College Athletics has signed an agreement with PRIVIT® Inc to provide a comprehensive health assessment program (Privit Profile™) for all of Fanshawe’s varsity student-athletes. This program will be implemented beginning with the 2013-14 season.

The program includes a comprehensive health history form called electronic Pre-Participation evaluation (Privit Profile™) provided by London-based PRIVIT® Inc and a full concussion management system, including baseline testing. Privit Profile™ has been used by Olympic and FIFA athletes and tens of thousands of high school and college-aged athletes, primarily in the United States.

“Coming from a professional sports background, it was important to me to increase the level of care that our student-athletes receive. The health and safety of our student-athletes is paramount and Fanshawe is very pleased to be the first College in the CCAA to have partnered with PRIVIT® to provide these advanced programs. In conjunction with our concussion management, a total health evaluation ensures we aren’t missing issues that affect other parts of the body. Student-athletes and their parents who commit to Fanshawe do so with the knowledge that their health is a top priority here and that Fanshawe Athletics is a leader in student-athlete safety. By implementing this program, combined with the Fanshawe Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic, we feel we are providing leading edge medical assessment tools that assist in the care of our student-athletes.”

Rob Werstine, Past President of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and a physiotherapist at the Fanshawe Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic said, “Privit Profile™ will give us a great summary of the student-athlete’s comprehensive health history and allow us to maintain a safe and secure record of their health during their career at Fanshawe. It also provides a full concussion management system to help guide the proper return to play of the student-athlete, if and when they are concussed.”

Dr. Robert Litchfield, medical director of the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic and a member of the steering committee for the See the Line event commended Fanshawe for their initiative,  “This is an excellent example of the immediate impact an event like See the Line has on a community. Fanshawe has wisely chosen to work with a London-based software company to ensure the proper management of their athlete’s health — not just concussion, but a comprehensive health assessment.”