University of Southern Maine

Matt Gerken, Head Athletic Trainer
University of Southern Maine
Privit Profile™ User Since 2009

We are happy to report that we have successfully transitioned our pre-participation process for our athletes to a more efficient practice! It began with the introduction of Privit Profile™ (formerly PRIVIT e-PPE®). Privit Profile™ is a web-based comprehensive health profile that enhances our pre-participation process on several levels.

The first benefit we identified was having our athletes complete their health history information prior to the mass physical date. This provided my staff and me ample time to review their information prior to the physical exam, and to proactively contact athletes in the event they potentially would require further screenings. Thus, reducing the amount of unnecessary delays prior to practice starting. Second, the athletic and the sports medicine departments are able to easily and quickly access individual athlete medical history information from a computer or mobile device. The ease of access is convenient when traveling with various teams. Thirdly, our athletes prefer to complete the information online because now they can keep the information updated regularly, as opposed to filling out new paperwork year-after-year.

In addition, with the recent software enhancement of electronic signatures, we now have the ability to eliminate the need for printed copies. Athletes now have the ability to sign the required paperwork electronically. This allows us to see the date and time of when the documents were signed, right from the application.

Privit Profile™ is helping us reduce our carbon footprint, while providing us with more detailed information about our athletes. This new process is allowing us to be more proactive prior to our mass physicals, while helping us better protect the health and safety of our athletes.