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Training Ropes

CSI Calgary Selected Privit Profile for Automating the Collection Process for Athlete Medical Health Information and Managing Medical Clearance

When it comes to training and competition, athletes endure a lot of stress on their bodies mentally and physically. Athletic Therapists and team physicians need to be aware of their athletes’ clearance status to help prevent new injuries…
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Looking for a better way to collect your health information?

If you collect or manage health information for sports, schools, or employees the PRIVIT® solutions can help you automate your process. PRIVIT® solutions are built on patented technology for security and privacy. Meaning your information is…
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Why it's Important to Collect Student-Athlete Health Information

Randall Wroble, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and Chair of the JACSM for OHSAA, shares the importance of collecting health information from student-athletes.
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Conveniently Manage Health Information

Only enter your family’s health information once! After your profiles are complete, you can easily log in and make updates at any time. Family Health Profile conveniently helps you complete health related forms for your family, and is accessible…
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InHealth Mutual An Official Sponsor of Privit Profile

InHealth Mutual, Ohio’s only nonprofit health insurance CO-OP, has formed a partnership with PRIVIT to become an official sponsor for Privit Profile, an online solution for managing health-related information required for sports participation…