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When it comes to training and competition, athletes endure a lot of stress on their bodies mentally and physically. Athletic Therapists and team physicians need to be aware of their athletes’ clearance status to help prevent new injuries and further damage to current injuries.

In an effort to mitigate risks involved with sport participation, the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) Calgary is turning to technology to improve the collection and management process for athlete health related information. CSI Calgary selected Privit Profile®, PRIVIT’s online solution for helping sport organizations solve the universal problem of collecting and managing athlete health related information. Privit Profile® helps athletic therapists and coaches easily view the clearance status of an athlete, and it provides athletic therapists and physicians the ability to document brief notes regarding the athlete’s clearance status.

“By transitioning our process to Privit Profile’s secure online solution, we can reduce medical mistakes, reduce costs, and improve athlete care,” said Dr. Brian Benson, Director of Sport Medicine for CSI Calgary. “We need a better way to share athlete information with the medical team so that athletic therapists and physicians have all the information they need to do their job at their fingertips.”

The Privit Profile® solution provides CSI Calgary with completion tracking reports to easily identify which athletes have or have not submitted the required information for participating. Athletic Therapists are able to easily access emergency contacts and clearance status of their players within a privacy compliant environment. Parents and athletes like the ease of use and the flexibility of being able to update health profiles on a regular basis.

“Being affiliated with CSI Calgary is a true testament to what PRIVIT® has to offer the Canadian sports industry,” said Gregory Miller, President at PRIVIT. “PRIVIT will be able to help CSI Calgary improve the accuracy of collecting athlete health related information, and shorten the completion time for athletes filling out the paperwork, all in a secure and privacy compliant environment.”

Privit Profile® is the leading solution for mitigating risks involved in sports and is used by winter sport organizations throughout North America.

About CSI Calgary:

CSI CalgaryThe Canadian Sport Institute Calgary provides world class training environments in Alberta. With the support of our partners, we deliver leading sport science and medicine, coaching education and life services to help Canada’s high performance athletes achieve Olympic and Paralympic podium performances. For more information please visit

Configurable SolutionsIf you collect or manage health information for sports, schools, or employees the PRIVIT® solutions can help you automate your process. PRIVIT® solutions are built on patented technology for security and privacy. Meaning your information is protected from the point you enter it, through the transfer process, and while it is at rest at our highly secure data centers. If you want a better way to collect and manage health information from one secure location, PRIVIT® can help you with:

  • Version control, we help you automatically distribute and notify your groups, so they have the most current version of your forms to complete.
  • Completion Status, as an administrator, you are able to review which individuals have completed the required information and easily notify the ones who haven’t completed the information.
  • Accessibility, once the information is complete, authorized personnel are able to access emergency health information, of their athletes, students, or employees, right from their mobile devices.

When it comes to setting up your PRIVIT® solution, you work with our Professional Services Department to discuss your configuration. We have a library of question sets you can select from, or we can take your current paper forms and convert them to smart forms. This flexibility allows you to create an easy process for your groups while making the collection process easier for you.

Randall Wroble, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and Chair of the JACSM for OHSAA, shares the importance of collecting health information from student-athletes.

Only enter your family’s health information once! After your profiles are complete, you can easily log in and make updates at any time. Family Health Profile conveniently helps you complete health related forms for your family, and is accessible from anywhere.

160x600-InHealth_SkyscraperInHealth Mutual, Ohio’s only nonprofit health insurance CO-OP, has formed a partnership with PRIVIT to become an official sponsor for Privit Profile, an online solution for managing health-related information required for sports participation for high school athletes throughout Ohio.

In Ohio, high school student-athletes and their parents use Privit Profile at no cost to complete and manage the necessary health information required of student athletes to play high school sports. The Ohio High School Athletic Association approved Privit Profile as the electronic standard for collecting student-athlete health information. This allows parents the ability to complete health forms online and keep their child’s information current year-after-year, instead of submitting a new form each year. In addition, athletic departments are able to access critical student-athlete health profiles securely, from mobile devices, right from the sidelines. Among this active population, having affordable, quality health insurance is essential, and InHealth plans to provide educational information on affordable options as well as sports injury prevention information to PRIVIT’s users.

InHealth was designed to inject access, innovation and competition into the health insurance industry. As a nonprofit CO-OP with one of the largest statewide health care provider networks, great benefits and fair prices, any profits InHealth makes go back to its members through lowering premiums, enhancing benefits and creating wellness programs for the community.

“InHealth is shifting the paradigm across the health care landscape from a focus on sickness and disease to a focus on wellness and prevention. Our partnership with PRIVIT is about promoting health and safety across student-athletes. Through the Privit Profile data collection portal, high school athletic departments are able to develop safer athletic programs. We are excited to empower our fellow Ohioans to make wiser health decisions. And, that makes this timely, forward-thinking initiative an ideal sponsorship fit,” said Jesse Thomas, CEO of InHealth Mutual.

“With the support of sponsors like InHealth, we are able to provide the benefits of Privit Profile to all high schools throughout the State of Ohio,” said Jeffrey Sopp, CEO of PRIVIT. “We are dedicated to helping high schools take their process for collecting required medical information for sport participation securely online, while improving their athletes’ health and safety.”



About InHealth Mutual:

InHealth Mutual is a nonprofit insurer – a consumer operated and oriented plan (CO-OP) – built for members by members to provide quality, affordable health insurance that is responsive to the needs and wants of all Ohioans. It is different from the traditional insurers given its nonprofit status and focus on individuals and small businesses which will manifest in a governing board of directors that includes members by the beginning of 2016. In addition, profits will be used to lower the cost of care, enhance benefits or decrease premiums. Being accountable to members versus stockholders is a paradigm shift InHealth believes will result in better health insurance for the people it covers. In 2014, InHealth offered insurance products to individuals, small businesses and groups through brokers and private exchanges. For plan year 2015, InHealth expanded to also offer insurance products on the Health Insurance Marketplace (Exchange). InHealth Mutual is a trade name of Coordinated Health Mutual. For more information, visit