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When it comes to training and competition, athletes endure a lot of stress on their bodies mentally and physically. Athletic Therapists and team physicians need to be aware of their athletes’ clearance status to help prevent new injuries and further damage to current injuries.

In an effort to mitigate risks involved with sport participation, the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) Calgary is turning to technology to improve the collection and management process for athlete health related information. CSI Calgary selected Privit Profile®, PRIVIT’s online solution for helping sport organizations solve the universal problem of collecting and managing athlete health related information. Privit Profile® helps athletic therapists and coaches easily view the clearance status of an athlete, and it provides athletic therapists and physicians the ability to document brief notes regarding the athlete’s clearance status.

“By transitioning our process to Privit Profile’s secure online solution, we can reduce medical mistakes, reduce costs, and improve athlete care,” said Dr. Brian Benson, Director of Sport Medicine for CSI Calgary. “We need a better way to share athlete information with the medical team so that athletic therapists and physicians have all the information they need to do their job at their fingertips.”

The Privit Profile® solution provides CSI Calgary with completion tracking reports to easily identify which athletes have or have not submitted the required information for participating. Athletic Therapists are able to easily access emergency contacts and clearance status of their players within a privacy compliant environment. Parents and athletes like the ease of use and the flexibility of being able to update health profiles on a regular basis.

“Being affiliated with CSI Calgary is a true testament to what PRIVIT® has to offer the Canadian sports industry,” said Gregory Miller, President at PRIVIT. “PRIVIT will be able to help CSI Calgary improve the accuracy of collecting athlete health related information, and shorten the completion time for athletes filling out the paperwork, all in a secure and privacy compliant environment.”

Privit Profile® is the leading solution for mitigating risks involved in sports and is used by winter sport organizations throughout North America.

About CSI Calgary:

CSI CalgaryThe Canadian Sport Institute Calgary provides world class training environments in Alberta. With the support of our partners, we deliver leading sport science and medicine, coaching education and life services to help Canada’s high performance athletes achieve Olympic and Paralympic podium performances. For more information please visit

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There are two things that everyone cares about: their health and their privacy.  At PRIVIT, we understand there are hundreds of ways people share or exchange health related information. Whether or not you are sharing the information between you and your medical professional, your family, your school, or your employer, we know you have to make sure your medical information is private and secure.

PRIVIT takes privacy beyond what most companies ever consider. PRIVIT has “a solution based on their patented technologies for securely managing medical records in a privacy-compliant manner.” This solution uses data encryption and access control lists to enforce rules of access. Thus, assuring you are only sharing the medical information you want to share at any given time. PRIVIT uses this patented solution as the foundation for its Privit Platform where all of its products are developed: Privit Profile, Family Health Profile, Student Health Profile, and Employee Health Profile.

At PRIVIT, we put security first. Our belief is simple, double the encryption and double the security. We not only encrypt your data when it is being transferred over the Internet with 256 SSL technology, but we also encrypt the data when it is at rest in our secure data centers. Your data is encrypted once with an AE256 symmetric key, and then the key is also encrypted, and then put on an entirely different and secured server, making sure the data is secured. If someone was to actually view the data it would look like a combination of nonsensical symbols and characters.

Beyond our application security methodologies, all of our products are operated at the highest rated data centers in North America. The physical security is controlled and monitored by the companies themselves, and all of these data centers have passed the necessary privacy certifications including: ISO 27002, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SSAE16, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, and Safe Harbor.

Security discussions involve a lot of technologies, acronyms, and other multi-syllable, fairly non-understandable words, and is often referred to as Military Grade Encryption. You can take comfort in knowing that PRIVIT’s security methods go far beyond what others are even contemplating. Our patented, privacy protection methodologies make sure we live up to your beliefs. We know there are two things that you care about: your health and your privacy.  You can take care of your health, we’ll take care of the privacy of your health information.

Authored by Greg Miller, COO

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