Back to School Health Tips

back-to-schoolBackpack? Check. Notebook? Check. Pencils? Check. Your child’s medical information? Check…with Family Health Profile.

As you prepare to send your child back to school this year, it is important to keep an accurate record of your child’s health information. Not only do schools require it before enrollment, it is crucial to the safety of your child as they spend the majority of their time at school and home.

Ensure proper enrollment and be prepared for a healthy school year with Family Health Profile and have your child’s critical information right at your fingertips. Family Health Profile provides immunization records and a prepopulated emergency contact document in one secure location.

Gain quick access to information such as:

  • Current immunizations
  • List of your child’s medications and allergies
  • Health Related documents you want to upload to your child’s profile

Create your Family Health Profile today and receive a free, 30-day trial.