PRIVIT® Release Notes June 2014

Privit Profile™ (formerly Privit e-PPE®) expands its language preferences to include Latin American Spanish!

Latin American Spanish Home PageMore than 400 million people speak Spanish in North America alone! As Privit Profile™ continues to be adopted throughout the United States it made sense to include Latin American Spanish to better service clients. The other language preference currently offered is French Canadian.




You can easily select your language preference with just the click of a mouse! In the upper right of your screen select your language preference from the dropdown.  Once you have made the selection, the text will immediately change to your selected language.

For instructions on changing your language preference, please visit the Help Center FAQ here!

Additional Updates:

  • Added support for Canadian insurance
  • Updated user interface on several pages
  • Added database functionality to improve performance during the registration process

PRIVIT® introduces e-signatures!

[one_half]esignature [/one_half][one_half_last]Easily create your e-signature using a mouse or a touch screen and apply your signature to your uploaded documents.

  • e-Signatures can be submitted for organization documents from any computer or smart device.
  • Privit Profile™ stores an instant and secure record of all signed documents.


list of docs

For details about using the new e- signature functionality, please visit the Help Center FAQ here!

Additional Updates:

  • Next of Kin has been renamed to Emergency Contact.
  • Zip code fields have been added to reports.


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