PRIVIT Release Notes May 2015

Print All Print All Functionality:

Upon completing Privit ProfileTM, users have always had the ability to select which printouts to download and/or print. This new functionality provides users with a “Print All” option or the ability to select a few or just one of the forms needed.


Admin Settings for PrintoutsReport Settings:

Organizations now have the ability to choose what documents show up for users to print. Under Organizational Settings, authorized administrators can manage settings and select which documents are viewable. For instructions on managing this new setting, visit the Help Center article called Updating Organization Profile and scroll down to the Download & Print Reports section.


Secondary or Campus AddressSecondary Address Setting:

Authorized Administrators now have the ability to request a secondary address from users. This allows both a primary and secondary address, which is useful for users who are attending university or college. The secondary address will appear in the Demographics section, and appears on relevant reports such as the Emergency Information, Consent to Participate, and the e-PPE Medical History Summary reports.