Introducing Two New PRIVIT Apps for iPhone and iPad!


PRIVIT Sideline App

The PRIVIT Sideline App is designed for current Privit Profile coaches and athletic therapists who need to access athlete information immediately whether they are on the sidelines or travelling. In addition, PRIVIT Sideline allows athletic trainers to document an injury and add photos and notes. Click here to learn more.


Privit Profile App

Privit Profile App

The Privit Profile App is designed for athletes and parents to conveniently update and access their sport organizations participation forms. Click here to learn more.


The Privit Platform helps individuals, organizations, and companies in the collection, transmission, and storage of health related information. Developed using two highly secure encryption methodologies, PRIVIT® protects your information from the point you enter it, through the transfer process, and while it is at rest at our data centers.

The Privit Platform includes a comprehensive and secure user authorization system, a health questionnaire management system, a health-related document management system, comprehensive reporting, alerts, and notifications. Leveraging these features we created multiple packaged PRIVIT® solutions including:

  • Privit Profile™
  • Family Health Profile
  • Employee Health Profile
  • Student Health Profile

In addition, the Privit Platform can be used to assemble custom solutions based on organizational requirements that can be integrated to existing organizational systems already in place. These solutions can be branded under the organizations brand, powered by PRIVIT®, and are hosted and managed by PRIVIT® in our secured hosted facilities in the US and Canada. You can rest easy knowing PRIVIT® follows best practices when it comes to storing sensitive information in the cloud.