Jodi Murphy Hired as Vice President of Sales for PRIVIT

PRIVIT has hired Jodi Murphy as their Vice President of Sales. Murphy brings to PRIVIT 20+ years of valuable experience, market knowledge and relationships from the NCAA College and University space; the NFL, NBA and MLB.

Most recently the Director of Sales at Front Rush, LLC., Murphy spent almost two years leading sales and helping her team transition after a major acquisition and leadership change in 2018. Prior to her time at Front Rush, Murphy spent time in both sleep science and statistical analytics for collegiate athletic departments and professional teams.

Early in her career, Jodi was instrumental in defining the recruiting software niche for college athletics with CyberSports, Inc — the first company to bring automation to the college recruiting process and later with Jumpforward, LLC who introduced automated call tracking, eligibility tracking and forms workflow software for NCAA rules compliance.

CEO Russell Goodwin welcomed Jodi stating, “Throughout Jodi’s career, she’s developed a strong reputation and high level of professionalism within the business of athletic compliance. The expertise that she brings to PRIVIT provides an incredible opportunity for us to attain new markets. I’m very delighted to have Jodi on PRIVIT’s team.”