From Paper To PRIVIT: Increasing Safety and Easing the Administrative Burden of Student Health Information at Michigan High School



From Paper To PRIVIT: Increasing Safety and Easing the Administrative Burden of Student Health Information at Michigan High School

Mercy High School in Farmington Hills is a 700 student all-girls catholic college preparatory school in Michigan with a strong focus on athletics. In fact, 53% of the girls participate in team sports; the school has 19 sports on 36 teams.

Since 2017, Mercy High School has partnered with PRIVIT, the leading student athlete health information technology, to ensure the safety of their athletes and to reduce the workload on staff as well as students and their parents when it comes to entering, using and updating student health information. The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) requires that schools register and maintain records of student health history and that consent forms are completed in order for students to participate in high school sports. In May of 2016, MHSAA selected PRIVIT as the state’s health data registration platform, as the electronic alternative to paper forms beginning with the 2016-17 school year.


The Problem

When Mercy High School’s Athletic Director Nancy Malinowski heard about PRIVIT at a conference, she immediately brought the solution to the attention of Kate Scalzi, Assistant Athletic Director.

Kate Scalzi immediately saw PRIVIT’s technology as the solution to a legacy problem in student health data management: The use of paper forms was a substantial administrative burden for both high school staff and students/parents, and athletic trainers had to carry around large binders with health information that was frequently incomplete or outdated. Parents and students filled in the paper forms and handed them to their homeroom advisors. Then they had to be checked for completeness and correctness, sometimes sent back to the parents when signatures or forms were missing, and ultimately, Kate would enter all the information into a spreadsheet. She also had to make sure all the coaches had their forms filled in. In total: A massive administrative burden.


The Solution

Kate rolled out PRIVIT for the student athletes, and, in spite of the need to train some parents in how to enter information, it was an immediate success. The technology has eliminated paperwork, and registration and management are now much faster and always completed correctly. For the athletic trainers, the technology has now meant that they no longer carry large binders with them to the field: They use their phones to access PRIVIT’s sideline app with all the information they need.


PRIVIT Technology has allowed us to eliminate paper forms and instead implement a system that is safer for the student, easier for the parents and much, much more efficient for administrators and staff. No more three-ring binders and missing signatures.” (Kate Scalzi, Assistant Athletic Director, Mercy High School).

The implementation of PRIVIT was simple: Kate got a demo from PRIVIT’s website, send out her instructions to parents, students and coaches, placed the necessary links on the website, ran three tests setting up test students – and launched it.

Kate also points out that PRIVIT is not simply an electronic storage cabinet: It is also a strong communication vehicle, and some coaches use PRIVIT to reach students and parents for all their communication – in an easy, immediate and convenient way – whether for injury reporting or simply to notify students that practice is cancelled due to rain…


Benefits – Beyond the Student Athlete

The following year, Kate helped roll out the PRIVIT technology to all students at Mercy High School: Ultimately, the paperwork and the risk to students from inaccurate and outdated health information was an issue that went beyond sports.

While Kate still needs to remind parents to update the student profiles (she doesn’t have access to do this), to the Assistant Athletic Director, the benefits to PRIVIT are not only the elimination of paperwork and compliance with MHSAA rules, but also the safer and more responsible approach to student safety that PRIVIT represents: The ability to utilize and disperse information quickly, is not only a convenience for athletic trainers and coaches, it frequently makes a big difference to student safety that insurance information is always at hand, or that medical professionals can be alerted quickly.