Helping companies securely collect and manage employee health profiles allowing authorized personnel to be better equipped to respond to emergency medical situations regardless of where your workforce is located.

Employee Health Profile will help your company:

  • Simplify the collection, use, and sharing of emergency contact information, allergies, immunization, insurance, and other medical alert details to remote employee teams regardless of where they work.
  • Automate your process for tracking the completion of the health related information, notify employees and workers with changes, and reduce the overall time and effort it takes to complete the existing process.
  • Have a secured central repository for employee health and safety information including health history questionnaires, surveys, documents, and certifications.

Who we help:

Human Resources

  • Automate the process for collecting emergency information from your employees
  • Assure compliance to company safety rules (i.e. CPR, Defibrillator training/certifications per X number of employees)

Safety Officers

  • Have emergency information at your fingertips
  • Organize all your certifications in one secure location


  • Enter your information one time and update year-after-year
  • Make real-time updates
  • Access your information anytime and anywhere

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