COVID-19 Initiative


"At PRIVIT we are committed during these unique times to providing the same quality of service and dependability as always. PRIVIT will continue to enhance our platform with generally accepted and standardized screening resources around COVID-19 exposure as they become available. Focused on safety, we want to serve our markets by helping administrators, athletes, parents, athletic trainers and medical personnel comply with the current social distancing and quarantine regulations while still preparing for their upcoming athletic seasons.

To that end we have put together an exclusive program for our collegiate market. Let PRIVIT help your athletic department get ready for next season. Complete the form here and a PRIVIT employee will contact you for details. We look forward to everyone getting back to participation soon! Stay safe and healthy." 



Russell Goodwin
Chief Executive Officer


•  A HIPAA compliant private portal for your institution to allow student athletes to create their PRIVIT profile
•  A standard workflow of smart forms for student athletes to complete with completion status, data capture and upload capabilities (for test results, insurance cards, etc)
   Standard Forms included in the PRIVIT profile: 

-  General Information form
-  Personal details form with contact information and demographic information 
-  PRIVIT’s proprietary Medical Screening Questionnaire developed in conjunction with leading medical professionals to get an accurate and in-depth medical history for incoming and returning athletes
-  COVID-19 screening information form (which will be updated as more guidelines and generally accepted standardized question sets are developed)
-  Standard Insurance information form with insurance card upload capability
-  Document upload section for test results and other documents
-  General Liability Waiver form 

•  Administrative access for standard reporting, completion status updates, medical eligibility status, privacy protected email communication, and data export
•  The PRIVIT Sideline App for mobile access to student profile information, form completion status and medical eligibility clearance status.
•  The opportunity to use PRIVIT at no cost for your Fall 2020 on-boarding (free period to terminate no later than September 30, 2020)
•  Customized workflow, conditional flags on Medical Screening Questionnaire and custom forms available for additional fee
•  Pricing will be offered to departments who wish to continue using PRIVIT at the conclusion of the free period however there is NO OBLIGATION to continue.

Terms & Conditions


PRIVIT is a compliant, secure, no-hassle technology for collecting, storing and managing student athlete health information. 

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Complete the form and a PRIVIT representative will contact you with more information, answer any questions and schedule a one-on-one webinar. *Access to a computer is required for demonstration. Terms & Conditions