COVID-19 Initiative – Terms & Conditions


PRIVIT will offer a standardized set of on-boarding forms and free use of our technology platform for all NCAA institutions  not currently using PRIVIT  at no cost to help you get through the fall 2020 on-boarding process of incoming and returning student athletes.This no cost trial offering period to use PRIVIT for your Fall 2020 on-boarding will terminate on September 30, 2020

Account Features & Functionalities: 

  • A privacy compliant and secure portal, built on PRIVIT’s patented encrypted platform, for your institution to allow student athletes to create their PRIVIT profile 
  • A standard workflow of forms for student athletes to complete with completion status, data capture and upload capabilities (for test results, insurance cards, etc)Form workflow includes: 
    • General Information form with personal details, contact information and demographic information 
    • Medical Screening Questionnaire for new and returning student athletes developed in conjunction with leading medical professionals to get an accurate and in-depth medical history 
    • COVID-19 screening information form (which will be updated as more guidelines and generally accepted standardized question sets are developed) 
    • Standard Insurance information form with insurance card upload capability 
    • Document upload section for test results and other documents 
    • General Liability Waiver form
  • The PRIVIT Sideline App for mobile access to student profile information, form completion status and medical eligibility clearance status. 
  • Customized workflow, conditional flags on Medical Screening Questionnaire and custom forms available for additional fee 
  • Administrative access for standard reporting, completion status updates, medical eligibility status, privacy protected email communication, and data export

Terms & Conditions:

At the conclusion of the no cost trial period on September 30, 2020 the Athletic Department will have the option to:
a). Continue utilizing PRIVIT and will be presented with a licensing agreement based on a per student athlete fee OR
b). Discontinue the use of PRIVIT under no obligation. Athletic Departments who discontinue will have their account disabled on September 30, 2020 and will have the opportunity to export their information to their own data base  

Athletic Departments that sign up and commit to the no cost trial period acknowledge all “Intellectual Property” utilized in this offering is the exclusive property of Privit, Inc. PRIVIT shall have the right at any time to introduce new Applications, discontinue the availability or use of any Applications and make changes in the design or construction of any of such Applications or the PRIVIT Platform without incurring any obligation or liability to the Athletic Department whatsoever. PRIVIT reserves the right to establish a maximum amount of memory or other computer storage and a maximum amount of Data that the Athletic Departments may store, post or transmit on or through their PRIVIT portal during this no cost trial periodAll changes, additions, enhancements and other modifications, if any, in the Applications shall remain proprietary to the PRIVIT and shall be received by the Athletic Department for its use pursuant to all of the terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, use limitations, the exclusion and limitation of warranties, limitation of liability and undertakings of confidentiality and non-disclosure.  

The Athletic Department agrees that all use of PRIVIT’s software is at the Athletic Department’s own risk and agrees to hold PRIVIT harmless from all liability related to access and use of PRIVIT’s software under these Terms & Conditions. The Athletic Department have reviewed these Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions contained in this offering

The Athletic Department has caused these Terms & Conditions to be executed by their duly authorized representatives to be effective as of the Effective Date.