Reduce the hassle of form management and distribution

Use PRIVIT as a standalone solution or as an extension to the PRIVIT Profile solution for athletic departments. PRIVIT can be configured to help manage and properly retain student information.

  • Increase compliance when it comes to collecting the required emergency and medical information from your student body
  • Easily distribute additional information for parents to complete
  • Quickly identify patterns and risks for your student population through various reporting tools

Who we help:

Dean of Students

Streamline processes and drive compliance

  • Increase health and safety of students
  • Reduce risk of liability caused by a process not being properly executed
  • Provide student services and athletics with a secure solution for collecting, managing, and processing student information

Resident Housing

  • Drive compliance for collecting and managing student health information
  • Automate the process for collecting and managing protected health information throughout the year


Never lose your paperwork again

  • Enter your information one time and update it, year-after-year
  • Make real-time updates and complete housing forms efficiently
  • Know you are completing the most current forms from your school
  • Access your information anytime and anywhere

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