Keep your athletes safe and their health information protected

PRIVIT is the #1 provider for automating the Pre-participation Physical Examination (PPE) process. Colleges and universities are leveraging PRIVIT to drive compliance in athletes completing the PPE process.

  • Automate process management with completion tracking
  • Develop injury benchmarks for year-over-year comparison
  • Gain quick access to athlete emergency information
  • Athletes can complete information anytime and anywhere


Who we help:

Athletic Trainers

Reduce workload, improve communications, and ensure protected health information compliance

  • Drive compliance with your pre-participation physical evaluation policies
  • Know what documents are completed or are incomplete for each athlete
  • Spend less time processing athlete paperwork
  • Immediate access to critical information at all times
  • Reduce liability by eliminating storage of the paper versions of health forms at school
  • Automate the process for collecting and managing protected health information throughout the sport season


Quickly access student-athlete information when you need it most

  • Easily know the clearance status of your athletes
  • Effortlessly review your team roster
  • Have emergency information at your fingertips
  • Quickly contact athletes or emergency contacts


Never lose your paperwork again

  • Enter your information one time and update it, year-after-year
  • Make real-time updates and complete sport participation forms efficiently
  • Know you are completing the most current forms
  • Access your information anytime and anywhere

Mobile apps available:

staff members app

PRIVIT Sideline App

For Staff Members who don't work behind a desk (i.e. Coaches, Athletic Trainers, and Volunteers)

PRIVIT Profile App

For Individuals
(i.e. Parents, Athletes, and Students)

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