Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day Logo

March 21, 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day. The Down Syndrome International (DSI) encourages those throughout the world to help raise awareness of those who have Down syndrome through educational events and fun activities.

The Focus of World Down Syndrome Day: Full and Equal Rights

Those with Down syndrome face many challenges as children and adults. Often, they are discriminated against on the basis of disability. World Down Syndrome Day represents the voice of those with Down syndrome and their families. The focus of Down Syndrome Day is to educate others about the disability and emphasize that those with Down syndrome should be able to enjoy full and equal rights just as others. Even though people with Down syndrome may need additional support, they should be recognized by society as an equal.

The Role of Families

World Down Syndrome Day is also focused on the important role that family members play for the enjoyment of full rights for those with Down syndrome. Families are given ways to provide support and advocate for opportunities and choices for their loved one with Down syndrome. All around, World Down Syndrome Day empowers both the families of Down syndrome and those individuals with Down syndrome themselves. Those with Down syndrome are also encouraged to advocate for themselves. It’s a day set aside to create an emphatic global voice for inclusion and well-being of those with Down syndrome.

The Lots of Socks Campaign

The Lots of Socks campaign for World Down Syndrome Day is designed to bring attention to the cause. Wear bright colored socks, printed socks or even logo socks. Other ways to contribute to the campaign include:

  • Holding a fundraising event
  • Donating money to a local or national Down syndrome charity
  • Participating in Down syndrome outreach training programs
  • Encouraging friends and family to get involved

World Down Syndrome Day is the day to get involved and take action on behalf of those with Down syndrome. Not only will the voice of those with Down syndrome be louder, but your voice will be heard.